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Beyond the Image Podcast

Jan 19, 2022

It is about time we did a podcast discussing time.

A couple years ago, I was going through this exercise with a business coach and what he made me do was to write down all the hours I worked in a single year. From photoshoots to cleaning toilets in my office. That number was quite shocking. Then he said to take the amount of money I made in that year and divide the number of hours by the amount of money I made. That is the amount of money I made per hour and that number shocked me, not in a good way.

I started to wonder what I did wrong and how I allowed the business to start running me. This was a rude awakening that led me to shifting how I managed my time within my business. Let’s dive into this!

My guest today is no stranger to the show. She has spoken at FITposium numerous times and she’s been on the show numerous times. Business coach, Shannon Fable.

“We are all time optimists. We assume something is going to take this amount of time, and it doesn’t and it backs up the rest of our day.”


  • Why studying where your time goes is important.
  • How to effectively break down your time.
  • Getting realistic about how long things are going to take.
  • Stop, start, and continue.
  • The first step for people to manage their time.
  • Working on your business vs. in your business.
  • Tips on creating working sessions during your work week.
  • The most effective way to plan your calendar.
  • Batching your work.
  • Boundaries in your time.
  • Being consistent and not going back to your old habits.

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Self-paced course: Work at Your Own Pace – Shannon Fable


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